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Wianda is incredibly sweet and captures moments like no one else. We are in love with her and the way she works. She makes everyone feel completely at ease, thinks along, she's invisiable while taking photos and you'll see she's a real perfectionist from A to Z. Wianda, you created something real special and captured our wedding in the most beautiful, pure way.

Thank you for being our wedding photographer. We are incredibly grateful!

the way she works"

"We are in love with her and

Jip & Marijke

This is so beautiful! Lisero and I watched it immediately when you sent it last night and we were both in tears. You captured the day so beautifully and it turned out even better than we could have wished for! We can’t tell you enough how much we love the photos! Can’t wait to share this with friends and family! 

than we could have wished for"

"It turned out even better

Maya & LIsero
Huize Frankendael - Amsterdam

Your way of working is great, we immediately felt at ease. You were invisible and yet present. You definitely exceeded our expectations! Thank you again for being our wedding photographer. And the fact that you managed to do this in such a beautiful, pure way. Lots of love!

for being our wedding photographer."

"Thank you again

Bart & Merel
A beautiful garden wedding

Wianda has captured our Italian wedding beautifully. Photos speak for themselves... so I do not have to say anything about how good she is. What I can say about Wianda is the following: - She manages shit. Tight schedule? She gathers everyone up in no time. - Painful feet? Don’t complain... She walks at least a marathon in order to get the most beautiful shots. - Ninja skills: she has them. You almost don’t see her, yet afterwards it turns out she has captured all the beautiful moments. - Lighting: please do check the pictures for this. She’s so good at it. - In addition, she is also a very nice girl. Not a typical photographer, but that makes us recommend her even more. She was amazing.


"Not a typical

A stunning wedding in Italy

Wow, we can’t believe it. You captured it all so beautifully. You took so many beautiful photos! We are very happy you were there and this result... We are blown away.

blown away!"

"Wow, we are

A intimate gardenwedding

We’re so happy that we picked Wianda to be our photographer! She has a real eye for atmosphere and details and knows how to capture emotions beautifully. And the best thing is: she does everything in a very relaxed way, making everyone feel comfortable with her! Some of our guests even told us they wish they had known Wianda before they got married. That says it all, doesn’t it?

picked wianda to be our photographer!"

"We'r so happy that we

Jentske & Edwin
Stunning city wedding

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