Unleash your brandstory.

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Unleash your brandstory.

There cannot be a stronger foundation in a client relationship than having an emotional connection. Are you ready to carry out your brand’s story in a personal way? 

Your brand is nowhere without a fitting image story.

You want to promote your brand in a distinctive way and put yourself in a unique position, whilst  also creating a brand with which people are able to identify emotionally and attach themselves to. 

I create a bridge between these two needs with my living brand stories. The story of your work will be translated to a visual narrative of your brand

Through the creation of a story-like photo series of your brand. One to remember, to feel and one that stands out, consequently creating an effortless connection

My brand documentaries are designed for entrepreneurs who have a high standard. Who do not blindly follow each trend, but the passionate people who have a goal-oriented approach to create a strong and successful brand. Those who refuse to draw within the lines, who want to make an impact, to stimulate and inspire their target audience. 

In other words, the ones who are ready to break through the status-quo. Who are unconventional, and want to express their versatile personality. 

Your story comes to life

Your story comes to life and you stand out from the masses, making your message linger with the clients that matter. 

You humanise yourself

You humanise yourself and the connection to your target audience is enhanced, causing clients to relate to your work personally. 

Making you Memorable

Your story and branding will spark their imagination, making you memorable. 

I will help you to convert your vision and personality to a visual narrative of your brand. 

The results being:

no. 01

Living brandconcept.

At the start of our collaboration, we will work out the concrete words of your business statement and vision, during an extensive one-on-one session. On the basis of your story, I create an especially custom-made living brand concept, in which your brand comes to life visually. 

As soon as we finalise your strategy, the time has come to assemble a suitable team and the hunt for the perfect location for your work will commence. This will always be at a place you hold dear. For example, your summerhouse at the back of the garden, your parental home, your second home/holiday home, your office or maybe just your living room. 
I operate with a personal approach without undermining your expertise. I do not lose sight of reality, but I do walk the line, creating unconventional brand photography. One that is distinctive, like you. 

no. 02

Unleash your brandstory

Working with a top team, we will make sure that the location, as well as you, reach their fullest potential. Your signature message will be felt in every detail. There is no need to worry about any aspect, we will take care of everything. Following our pre-planned strategy, we will carefully and meticulously conduct the photoshoot, awakening a wordless voice that will be heard for years to come.

no. 03

The after.

You will receive preselected photographs from which you may choose your own personal favourite images, which I will then edit with care and dedication and supply with a touch of magic. The end-result will be waiting in your inbox within three weeks; a visual documentation of your entrepreneurial story. 


Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

You do not want to succumb to cliches or fall for the dictatorial trends on Instagram.

You are looking for a photographer to work in tandem with, one who creates strong concepts. Making the final product not just aesthetic, but also identifiable and marketable.

You want to create a sneak peek into your life to show yourself as personable and approachable for your target audience, without the Kodiak family-album feeling.

You feel frustrated by the same type of content everywhere you look, whilst searching for a unique concept to differentiate yourself from the throng. 

You are looking for someone to capture your personality, in all her versatility, without undermining your expertise.  

Then my Living Brand story is perfect for you.

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who knows how to translate your story into a documentary of your brand, one of a kind?