Just a tad different from what you are used to

that work against the current



Because did you know that..

Try to imagine how you would like to remember this season in your life. No longer do family-portraits or maternity shoots need to be perfect and impossibly idealistic. 

Cliches have finally been shown the door. 

Red cheeks share a lively story. The dirt inscribes the happiness of a carefree life. The burst of laughter sketches your pure playfulness together. The future grows in your tummy. Your comforting, affectionate and steadying hand betray the size of your parental heart. 

Just like the billionth time of routinely brushing teeth, brushing hair, wiping noses, putting out fires, drying tears and loving your children with softly spoken words.

Perhaps those enjoyable but challenging early years with your new-born or toddler are not quite perfect. 

Your pregnancy did not exactly go by the book. The relentless every day consists mainly of hitting the automatic pilot button, trying to survive and routinely drag yourself through the week. Yet, this season is precious and deserves a place of honour in the album.

Nothing lasts forever and time stops for nobody

Hence, I am excited to contribute to a time-capsule full of memories. Filled with the everyday in-between moments, which illustrate life the way it is and characterises these exceptional days. Timeless imagery of your current reality.


Be yourself, forget about the camera and enjoy the moment, I will take care of the rest.

What might be expected from you?

Photography that moves by challenging the conventional.


The lifestyle photoshoot itself comes to €225. As soon as you have received the images, you will be able to choose from the various collections of digital photographs, as well as a print credit which can be redeemed in my online shop full of gorgeous products of the highest quality. 

2 hours of photography
An online gallery
Printing credit
The first 50 kilometre travel cost

Collections start at €550 and are always inclusive of:

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Non - traditional

Documentary photographer

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