I do things a bit differently

As a photographer I am specialised in capturing wedding stories that move you. Photographs that are timeless, without the influence of current norms. Without temporary trends. 



I want you to experience that wedding-photography is so much more than Pinterest-worthy shots and keeping up appearances. 

Posing is not an option with me in the first place, nor do photoshoots go on and on for hours or even one hour, but you will still receive stunning end-results. You will look your very best without feeling uncomfortable, needing to do things that you could do without or you lack experience in. 

Oh and trends and temporary fads are not my cup of tea in any case. I aim for a timeless sequence, one that fills you with joy in the here and now - and will continue to ten years from now. My secret?

I do not like keeping up appearances.
On the outside. Make believe.
Don’t play with hot air. 

Images of everyday moments that deserve a stage. 

I am not at your wedding to compliment my own portfolio, to win awards or to use endless hours of your precious time for a photoshoot.

Your day will happen in almost exactly the same way, whether I would be there or not. A wedding does not revolve around pictures. The photographs are a documentation of what you celebrate with the people that mean the most to you. I am not commandeering, nor am I setting the course. I record the journey, to relive over and over again. 

I capture stories that move you

Don’t expect me to shoot one epic shot.
Expect me to shoot an epic story.

This means photographing your story in its entirety, as well as from an aesthetic point of view, filled with attention to detail and beauty.

To achieve the above I do not: Randomly shoot as many shots as possible, caricature your location, scramble around in the grass for the perfect shot, follow temporary trends - and nor do I order you around or demand unnatural posing. 

A delight to the eye along with the heart

Photographs that move you and end up in a frame on the wall

Images that transport you back to the moment besides being simply stunning

Magazine worthy as well as touching

A wedding’s images are not finished when the standard moments have been captured. Not to me, anyway. I do not take photographs from highlight to highlight. To me, the photography of a wedding starts where spontaneity takes over. 

My work as a wedding photographer lives in the moments in-between. Those minutes that escape memory. 

Those candid moments cannot be found in all the meticulous wedding planning. It is in the moments that you did not play in your imagination beforehand. The ones that happen in a split second. Those are the foundations of my wedding photography.

The usual highlights of a wedding day; ‘Saying “I do,” the kiss, cutting of the cake, dinner with a number of speeches, ’do not highlight much of who you are as a couple and the relationship you have with the people who secured a place in your heart. They do not make your wedding unique.

The moments in-between.

A caress on your cheek, hands admiring your new ring, a tear of happiness or wild burst of laughter, catching his eye or a quick peck on the lips. They make your wedding images authentic.  Yours. Irreplaceable. One of a kind. Those moments happen, quick as a flash, or in the movements of everyday life. This means that they are quickly forgotten, missed or lost if there is not an imaginary spotlight. When there is no one to catch the otherwise forgotten memory. That is where I come in. This is what makes my job, after more than 150 weddings, still so extraordinary.

I want you to feel it,
Without showing it all.
Read between the lines,
As if you were poetry.

The moments in-between do. The in-between moments that are as extraordinary as you are.

I live for the connections between people and their stories.

They are the reason that, even after years of doing this job, I still jump out of bed in the morning. My visual stories are inspired by and created from the people in front of me, by what they share with me. Not from my own mind, or some idea of the perfect image.

I capture the essence of the atmosphere and let myself be guided by the moment. Therefore, creating a permanent reflection of the day with an ‘oh, yes, that’s exactly what it was like,’ feeling as end-result.

Wedding photography should be natural.

It is not about the ‘best must have shots’ of a wedding or the epic image of a veil suspended by the wind on a mountain top. It is about the stories. Truly seeing people and capturing their essence,

.. does not panic when things do not go exactly according to plan

I have attended more than 150 weddings and if it has taught me one thing, it is that it will never go exactly as planned. Stay in the moment and enjoy the people around you. Do not be distracted by the minutiae. Your wedding-day is about celebrating your love with the people you hold dear. Nothing more, nothing less.

The ultimate wedding couple match.. 

.. values real moments over staged detail imagery.

I have noticed that, in the past, whenever I took a painstaking effort to take the perfect shot of a pair of shoes, I missed certain vital aspects around me. The lone tear of your mother when she walks through the door, the knowing look between you and your maid of honour, who is trying to stay on top of all her duties. Moments that are precious and you do not wish to exchange for pictures of a pair of shoes.

.. treasures relationships and friendships in their life and adores the people attending their wedding. 

This is a great source of inspiration; the relations between the guest, wedding party, family and friends and the love surrounding them. This connection between people is the essence of my photography. 

.. recognises the true worth of photography. 

This sounds obvious. However, It is very important to me that you hire me, not because you need a photographer, but because you want one. To be even more specific; you want to capture the magic of your day, with all the relationships and people who are so important to you, from my perspective. What you see is what you get with me. I celebrate, cry and experience this day with you and document everything carefully with love and compassion. I take those (sometimes thousands of) images home with me. Here the organising and meticulous selecting will take place creating a small photo sequence of roughly five- to six-hundred photographs. These images shape the photo-series, your story and will transport you back to your big day for the rest of your life.

You do not hire someone just to shoot some pictures. You hire a photographer to literally create memories of one of the most important days of your life. 

Destination wedding


Oct '23 - Portugal
May '24 - Morocco

I love traveling the world and capturing weddings beyond our country borders. I believe it is a special thing to be present at often-intimate weddings at the most beautiful locations. The fact that I’m able to combine two big passions - travel and photography – is fantastic. I have traveled to over 30 countries in my life and I am adding new ones to this list every year.

When I drove back to my hotel after photographing my first destination wedding, I cried tears of happiness. I knew: this is what I want to do and this is what makes me happy. 

Will you go abroad for your wedding? Are you looking for a photographer that is able to capture this adventure in a personal, elegant and intimate way? Take me with you! 

Send me a message via the contact form and I will send you my detailed brochure as soon as possible. 

travel dates

All the love

"I am so happy you joined us on this journey."

What to say. Words cannot express it.. You did not just beautifully capture our love, but all our feelings, the landscape, the colours that were indescribable! Our Icelandic adventure. Boy, boy boy, sooo happy that you joined us on this journey. Its out of this world.

— Sanne & Stevie - Iceland

"She is on your side and on the same page as you, working together to shoot incredible images."

Wianda is so unbelievably sweet and always makes sure that you feel comfortable. You feel so in-tune when working with her and shoot these gorgeous photographs. We have fallen in-love with the images and sincerely recommend Wianda to anyone who is in need of a wedding photographer.

— Jip & Marijke - South France

"We feel so lucky that you were available to capture the most beautiful day of our life!!"

WOW! Tears of joy and love still roll down my cheeks, even after seeing the images for the umpteenth time!!! How magical is your work, so impressive…. This includes the little moments that we overlooked.. We feel so lucky that you were available to capture the most beautiful day of our life!! We keep looking at your images and are in awe of the love we feel through them, reliving our day.

— Mariella & Tuno - Terschelling

At the start of 2020, I received a message that I was one of the finalists of a European competition for wedding-photographers in the category ‘Best Wedding-story with these images.’ I was felt incredibly honoured, especially because it involved a full photographic sequence and not merely one impressive image. This is exactly what I value as a photographer. My work is about so much more than just a few epic shots on a mountain in a land far, far away. (Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t embrace the essence of my work.) 

Finalist WUN Awards 2019
Best Wedding-story Europe

Once again, whilst 2021 was coming to a close, I was a top three finalist in the category best Wedding-story Europe. Two times in a row, I was a finalist in a huge international competition, not to mention a category I hold very close to my heart. No foreign wedding with epic views this time, but in The Netherlands, a ceremony at a castle with a party in its backyard. Not to mention that I had to deal with three videographers, two drones and a live stream (hello coronavirus) and it was an extremely long 14 hour day. This all meant that the award was extra special to me. 

Finalist WUN Awards 2021
Best Wedding-story Europe


no. 01

My method at a wedding.

In order to capture your day in its entirety and to ensure that the final product flows from the beginning to the end, I prefer to be present as fully as possible. I have an entirely hands-off approach when it comes to your wedding day (except, of course, during the photoshoot and the group pictures). 

I do not merely focus my attention upon the people present - but also on the surroundings. I create a visual story where the setting of the scene- imagery of buildings and spaces before the guests arrive- matter. These photographs will tell you more about the atmosphere. What is the weather like on your wedding-day? What does the surrounding area look like and what are the typical aspects that communicate the extra context and layers of the story.  I move with you and your guests, blend in and capture your story in a cinematic way from that position. I do not dictate, I create

no. 02

My personality is a bonus.

One may assume that you have approached me because you like my work. However, the person behind the camera will be connected to your images. Do not underestimate this. Your photos are inseparable from your experience with me. This is exactly the reason why it is vitally important to have a little chat beforehand. Do we get on? Are we on the same page?

I will give it my all to evolve the full image into a treasured memory. Not just by the way of the ultimate end material, but also by who I am. 
I want to be an addition to your wedding, not merely with my photography, but also as a human-being. 

no. 03

Custom made.

Your wedding photos are unique. The results and feeling of your photos are directly connected to the energy and emotions of your wedding-day. 

If your wedding-day was filled with cries of laughter and silly nonsense, your photo series will reflect these vibes. The same goes for an intimate wedding, quiet and gentle; the final images from such a wedding will glow with their own soft touch. 

This allows me to not only present you with wonderful memories, but to transport you back to the atmosphere, energy and feel of your very own day. This is of an immeasurable added value. 

The Main Pillars


Wedding photography starts at €3100

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