that make you feel

I live for the connections between people and their stories.

My inspiration flows from the people in front of me. My stories are created in what they share with me. The result is a sequence that moves. One that produces a visual echo in your mind and an unfading imprint on your heart.  

My photographs unveil the beauty of the everyday, as well as the most life-changing moments. With a refreshing outlook on life, I create photo-documentaries that breathe life and stay with you forever. 

I am Wianda

Non-traditional documentary photographer 

Capturing stories is my passion, which originates consistently from an inner-drive to develop unexpected work, out of the ordinary and into the rather extraordinary. To put it plain, I was not born for mediocrity.

Photography is so much more to me than simply taking some pretty pictures. It gives me the opportunity to explore the vast unknown outside of my comfort-zone. It helps me understand the world, presents me with invaluable treasured memories and above all a way to show you how beautiful life really is. 

She truly sees the smallest details and senses the atmosphere perfectly,

which allows her to capture emotions in stunning way.

Do you feel ready to stand out 

with a visual documentary of your story? 

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