Best of 2018

What a wild year.

Where to even start. This past year has been incredible and it’s hard to put into words my feeling about all these moments. First of all I married the love of my life this summer, an amazing weekend with our dear family and friends. I will never forget all the love and joy we were able to share with the ones we love so much! Also after being homeless for more than 8 months and living in a camper van for 3 months we moved into our new home. Oh and my dear youngest  sister got married to! What a year! I also met so many beautiful couples all over the world who put their trust in me. Their compassion and kindness was overwhelming and I can say I’ve made some new friends. Feeling zo honored, lucky and above all blessed with the work I’m able to do every single day!  Amazing things are about to get real in this new year and I can’t wait for what’s this year will bring me. But I will never forget 2018. Thanks all, for your support, for the love and following during my journal in life. To all my 2018 couples – thank you. Thank you for sharing your lives and your love with me. It means the world to me. Enjoy the last day of this year and I wish you all the best for 2019!

Let your dreams come true.

Enjoy a selection of my favourite moments from 2018!

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