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Engagement shoot Wassenaarse slag | Rebecca + Kasper

Because weekends like this are made for fun and cozy in-home sessions, I will share the lovely in-home session I did with Kay and Sarah in their beautiful house in Amsterdam. We spend the Sunday together and I could have stayed here forever! Had an amazing time hanging with these two amazing people. This home and their love was such an honor to capture.  This is what sundays are for.


Amsterdam In home session – Kay + Sarah

Just love these two. Here are a few of my fave shots from our little engagement shoot together! These two are the giggliest ever, they didn’t stop smiling the whole shoot and we had the best time ever. Thanks for your trust and again, congrats you two!

Natalie + Koen

Golden Autumn Glow

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to New York City. I captured an awesome anniversary session in downtown Manhattan, with Rachel and Willem. We explored the raw streets and charm that this corner of NYC has to offer. Shooting this anniversary session in New York City was a magical experience. It’s a pretty cool place to hang out and Rachel and Willem where so friendly and kind-hearted. Then as the sun started to go down we went to a rooftop for the last shots, and boy was it worth it! Check it out yourself!

Rachel & Willem | New York, Soho Manhattan – Anniversary session


How do I start describing this indescribable adventure? It is hard to describe in words how cool and impressive this trip was. In feb 2018 I left with Claire and a wonderful, sweet couple (Eke and Bastiaan) to Scotland for a travel engagement shoot. We made a amazing roadtrip through the country. Through Fort William we drove to Potree on Isle of Skye and then via Glencoe up to Inverness. A beautiful route through the raw landscape full of magic, breathtaking views and lovely people. I have really lost my heart to this country and can not wait to go back. How cool would it be to marry in Scotland or to go to Scotland for an elopement? I’d love to go with you!


Waar moet ik beginnen met dit onbeschrijfelijke avontuur? Ik kan bijna niet in woorden beschrijven hoe gaaf en indrukwekkend deze reis was. Begin februari vertrok ik samen met Claire en een geweldig lief en leuk stel (Eke en Bastiaan) naar Schotland voor een travel engagement shoot. We maakten een geweldige roadtrip door het land. Via Fort William reden we naar naar Potree op Isle of Skye en vervolgens via Glencoe nog omhoog naar Inverness. Een prachtige route door het rauwe landschap vol magie, adembenemende uitzichten en lieve mensen. Ik heb mijn hart echt verloren en kan niet wachten terug te gaan. Hoe gaaf zou het zijn om te trouwen in Schotland of naar Schotland te gaan voor een elopement? Ik ga graag met je mee hoor!



Travel your heart out in Scotland

Young lovers with a heart of gold make my heart skip.

“Everything was
The sea,
the wind,
my heart”
– Yann Martel

Wianda-Bongen-Photography-1Wianda-Bongen-Photography-2Wianda-Bongen-Photography-7 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-8Wianda-Bongen-Photography-9 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-10 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-11 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-12 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-13 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-16Wianda-Bongen-Photography-18 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-19 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-25 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-29Wianda-Bongen-Photography-28 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-31 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-33 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-34Wianda-Bongen-Photography-35 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-36 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-37 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-39 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-41 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-42 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-44 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-45 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-47 Wianda-Bongen-Photography-48

Photoshoot with Grayce and Tanner during the Over Yonder Hideaway workshop in Seattle.

Lovesession at Ruby beach | USA Seattle

“When you meet the one
who changed the way
your heart beats.

Dance with them
to that rhythm
for as long as
the song lasts”.

– Kirk Diedrich.

Loveshoot at Vlieland Island with Ieteke and Emiel.

Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0005 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0010 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0008 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0016 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0015 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0014 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0011 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0012 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0013 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0004 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0001 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0006Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0066 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0064 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0062 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0058 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0061 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0060 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0059 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0053 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0052 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0051 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0065 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0050 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0048 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0047 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0045 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0040 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0043 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0041 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0037 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0036 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0038Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0019 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0020 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0017 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0034 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0033 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0027 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0031 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0028 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0025 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0024 Wianda Bongen Photography-Loveshoot-Wadden-eiland-Vlieland_0022

Loveshoot – Vlieland

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